To prepare a plan to enhance the Human Resource Development Needs of the Postal Administration of Afghanistan.





  • Identified the infrastructure requirements for the proposed Postal Training Centre in Kabul.


  • Identified the necessary training aids requirements of the training center.


  • Reviewed and updated the training material for the training center.


  • Made recommendations on the reorganization of the effective training system for the postal staff of Afghanistan post.


  • Conducted the following three training courses for Afghan Post Officers and Employees at the Post Headquarters Hall.


1.       Computer Based Training                                    1 Officer

2.       Customer Care                                                  15 Officers & Staff

3.       Train Post for Trainers                                        4 Trainers & Officers




1.                                           Afghanistan should have an exclusive training center of its own named as Postal Training Centre, Kabul, Afghanistan.


2.                                           The Ministry of Communications as agreed by the Minister should transfer the control of Postal Training Centre to the President of the Post.


3.                                           Pending construction of a separate building for Postal Training Centre at Kabul as agreed by Minister the existing ground floor of Block-2 of Telecommunication Training Centre be modified / partitioned to house the Postal Training Centre and its hostel.


4.                                           UPU / UNDP should contact the donor agencies / countries for meeting the Infrastructure and Training Equipment needs of the proposed Postal Training Centre in Kabul.


5.                                           The neighboring countries like Iran, Pakistan and India be approached through UPU to provide more Technical Assistance for meeting the Human resource and Training needs of the Postal Administration of Afghanistan.


6.                                           2 to 3 more Instructors to be inducted at Postal Training Centre Kabul having experience in Postal Operations, Counter Work and Mail Management and Operations for delivering lectures. They may be given training for trainers training to enhance their training and instructional skills.


7.                                           UPU / Donor countries should arrange to provide Books / Documentation / Training Volumes and Manuals and other printed and reference material for the proposed library and research center of Postal Training Centre.






                        The mission country requires a follow-up in shape of a Project Director Coordinator who could help Afghanistan Post in Leading, Coordinating, Developing and Organizing the proposed Postal Training Centre for at least one year and finally hand it over to the Director / Principal appointed by Afghanistan Post who will remain as his Conuterpart one one year.




                        Considering decades of War and Turmoil in Afghanistan the Physical and logistic conditions are quite satisfactory in Kabul. United Nations Guest House where I stayed by the name of UNICA Guest House is very comfortable and having reasonable cost. Single Room US Dollars 45 , Breakfast US Dollars 3 and Lunch and Dinner US Dollars 6 Each. There is a Swimming Pool, A Bar, A TV Room, A Dinning Room  and a Sports and Health Club Room with All Facilities. The Transport provided by Postal Administration of Afghanistan was nice and comfortable. The Counter parts were always more than helpful, hospitable and resourceful and ready to provide all assistance.




                        Overall it was a nice experience conducting this consultancy mission. I was granted all support and help needed to make this mission successful by the Postal Administration of Afghanistan. The Law and Order situation is normal. Lot of Good Restaurants are available outside guest house. I will LOVE to do any other Consultancy in Afghanistan. J

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