cam baliPicture Gallery of Kabul, Afghanistan ( 17 th to 31st August, 2003 )

With Faculty at Proposed PTC, Kabul

Lunch hosted by M.Yasin President of Post

A View of Kabul City from Intercontinental

At Kabul Central Post Office

A view of Square in front of Kabul GPO

At UNICA Guest House Kabul

President of Post , Deputy Minister and Consultant (Left to Right )

A class of Customer Care in Session

Award of Certificates Ceremony

With Director of Telecommunication Training Cenre Kabul

Deputy Minister of Communication presenting a Gift

At United Nations Guest House Lawn in Kabul

Award of Certificates to Customer Care Class

A Russian MI-16 Helicopter (Memories of War)

At Lake Kargah outside Kabul City


At a Kabul Park

A view of Proposed Postal Training Centre Kabul Building

A Side view of Proposed Postal Training Centre Building Kabul

In front of UNICA Guest House Kabul

50 Km North of Kabul in BAMIAN District

Afghan Post Employees in Bamian District

With Afghan Post Employee at a Park in Bamian District

At a Garden in Bamian District 60 Km North of Kabul

A Picturious Vew of Bamian District

A Small Town on way to Parvan

Kargah Dam, at outskirts of Kabul City

Mohammad Yasin President of Afghanistan Post checking arrival of mail bags at Kabul GPO from Pakistan

In Front of Kabul Central Post Office Square

Buying Water Mellons at a Afghan Village

At Lunch with Mohammad Yasin President of Post

At Outskirts of Kabul with President of Post

On Way to a Rural Post Office with President of Post

At United Nations International Cooperation Agency's Guest House

At UNICA Guest House Kabul

UNICA Guest House Swimming Pool

My Annex Room Lawn at UNICA Guest House Kabul

Delivery a Lecture on Customer Care to participants at Kabul

Award of Certificates

Award of Certificates

Award of Certificates

Award of Certificates

Award of Certificates by Deputy Minister of Communications

Director OF TTC and Director of Postal Regulations

On Way to Macro

Overlooking Hill with Palace of Zahir Shah and a damaged Afghan Aeroplane

A bullet ridden Helicopter

A view of a Hill behind Kabul City

With Kabul Intercontinental Hotel in background

In front of a Mosque at Kabul

A view of Kabul City in the background

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