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AF +93


AZ +994


IR +98


KZ +7


KG +996


PK +92


TJ +992


TM +993


TR +90


UZ +998


Director, Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Postal Staff College

 ( An Inter-governmental Organization of 10 Postal Administrations of ECO member countries )

Director, International Postal Services , Headquarters, Pakistan Post

Visiting Course Director / Consultant , Asian Pacific Postal Union Bureau, Bangkok, Thailand


Previous Appointments held in Pakistan Post

1 Chief Inspector of Training & Recruitment, Headquarters Pakistan Post 2 Chief Operating Officer, Post Mall Project, Islamabad  
3 Director (Computerization & Automation), Headquarters, Pakistan Post 4  Principal, Postal Training & Recruitment Centre, Islamabad  
5 Project Director, E. Post Division, Pakistan Post 6  Project Coordinator, Postal Information Technology Centres, Pakistan Post  
7 Coordinator, Post Infotech, Pakistan Post Foundation 8  Senior Instructor, Postal Staff College, Islamabad  
9 Junior Instructor, Postal Staff College, Islamabad 10  Divisional Superintendent of Post Offices, Bahawalnagar, Punjab  

Universal Postal Union Consultancy Missions

1 UPU Consultancy on Training for Afghanistan Post  2  UPU Consultancy on Business Planning for Tonga Post
3 UPU Consultancy on Corporate Development Plan for LAO PDR Post 4 APPU External Trainer for Hongkong / Macau / Brunei / Samoa / Tonga /Vietnam  & Lao Post 
5  UPU / APPU Postal Security Training Coordinator for Asia Pacific 6  UPU External Training Programs for Vietnam Post

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